Herschel Supply Co. Card Holder Review

Herschel Supply Co. Card Holder Review

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Herschel Supply Co. Card Holder: QUICK OVERVIEW



Card Slots


What We Like

  • Washable
  • Multiple card slots
  • RFID protection

What We Don't Like

  • Requires breaking-in period

Sometimes what you wear is very important. Not so much for how others perceive you but because certain places require a certain etiquette. As a man, your wallet should also be held to the same standard as your tie or watch. This doesn’t make shopping easy.

What if you don’t have to be picky about your wallet? What if there is a way to make sure that your wallet can go with almost any outfit you have to wear and on any occasion?

In this article, we’ll present what we believe to be one of the most well-rounded slim wallets today. It is affordable, blends in with any outfit, and it’s quite durable too.

Herschel Supply Co. Card Holder Review

Herschel Unisex Charlie Wallet RFID Card Holder

Herschel makes some of the finest wallets in the world. They have everything from budget-friendly wallets for everyday use to high-end designs best-suited for special occasions. This particular slim wallet has plenty of storage options and comes in an impressive amount of colors.

Who is this product for?

You might just enjoy this wallet if you’re not the type of guy that wears suits for the better part of the day. It looks good with casual and sporty outfits.

The wallet is also appealing to anyone that wants plenty of card slots and RFID protection without spending a fortune.

If you also want a durable wallet from a trusted brand then this Herschel model might just fit the bill.

What’s included?

The wallet doesn’t come with any additional accessories or customized gift boxes.

Overview of features

Before we get to its most impressive features, let us point out the one minor design flaw. This Herschel wallet is quite rugged. Therefore, it will require a longer breaking-in period than most slim wallet designs.

Now on to the good features. The RFID protection is always nice to have especially when you carry multiple credit cards with you. The card slot placement is interesting as it has two on each side of the wallet.

This should make it easier to slide them in and out than the traditional 4 or 5 stacked designs. There’s no ID window but you can use the cash pocket for that. Because this wallet is made from polyester and not leather, all the compartments have a bit more give.

Another advantage of polyester is that the wallet can be washed. It won’t hold up in a washing machine but a gentle hand wash will do the trick. It will help keep your wallet looking great for longer and it will also allow you to use it as a sports wallet when you need it, without worry.

Choosing an outfit to go with this slim wallet is one of the easiest tasks a man can have. Because it’s not made of leather it goes with anything sporty or casual. But, because of the fine texturing on the exterior, if you choose a black polyester model it should also go quite well with dressier attire.

How to get the most out of it

The best placement of your credit cards would be two on each side. Since all slots have a bit more room you could also use a single slot for two cards.

However, rubbing cards on each other for a long time is not a good idea. Another thing you should be wary off is the breaking-in period. You wouldn’t expect most polyester wallets to be as rigid at first but this one is.

Carry it in an inside jacket pocket or your front pockets for a few days. At night or whenever you’re not using it you may want to apply some tension to it until it becomes more flexible. Wearing it in a back pocket would also hasten the process but it would not be comfortable.


Of course, if you simply must have a leather wallet, we do have an alternative. The Kinzd slim wallet for men is full-leather and has some extra card slots too. It also features an ID window.

In terms of compartments and interior arrangement, the Kinzd slim wallet is nothing short of impressive. However, because of the leather used and the slight patina added to the design, it’s a bit harder to make it go perfectly with just any clothes.

It may see some casual use but the wallet still feels and looks like it addresses a more business-oriented audience.


This Herschel ultra slim polyester wallet is one of the most versatile wallets in its price range. Although it doesn’t have any leather features, it does go with more than just one outfit. It also has multiple card slots which have more give than most wallets.

The main compartment, used for cash or receipts, can also hold your ID card or ID badge. Given the height of the wallet, you can also use this model when you go abroad as it should be able to easily hold foreign bills.