How Long Should A Necktie Be: Tie Basics

How Long Should A Necktie Be: Tie Basics

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If it is your first time wearing a necktie, then knowing exactly how to wear it can be confusing, especially considering the many other things to think about while you’re sliding it on. How long should a necktie be? What knot should I use?

The necktie is a staple that every man should have in his wardrobe, and whether you religiously wear one every day or you only ever find yourself wearing one when you’re ragged to a special occasion like a wedding or a formal event that requires you to do so, you definitely need a few good ties!

Now, thinking of where exactly you’ll be wearing that tie, it is good to consider some things before making a purchase.  After all, the last thing you want is to buy a necktie that only succeeds in making you want to tear it off right after you put it on.

What Tie to Go for?

A good necktie should make you feel confident, comfortable, and good-looking. That’s the idea. Arguably, 90% of the time, these factors are considered fully realized when you only buy good ties. But, of course, the way you wear one can definitely affect these things too!

No matter how great the quality of your tie is, how luxurious and elegant it looks, or how expensive it is, if it is tied sloppily and it hangs around your neck at an odd length, then congratulations, you just won the little boy’s dress-up game.

Kidding aside, while there is no absolute, golden rule to follow with neckties, there are definitely a few traditional guidelines that will help you achieve that dashing, classic look–the look that most people associate with a guy who is man enough to know how to tie his tie the right way.

This article will walk you through some basic necktie guidelines, with a focus on the ever-confusing basics of how long a necktie should be so that you can look your sharpest.

The first step, of course, is to get yourself a tie.

Good Ties vs. Bad Ties

The market is saturated with many different kinds of ties of varying styles to cater to the latest trends as well as the difference in consumers’ styles and personal tastes.

However, that does not mean that every tie is made equal. It is a good thing to learn how to be discerning about your neckties, not only for your benefit but others as well, given how popular they are as gifts. If you know how to pick your ties, then whoever you gift one to will definitely treasure it for as long as possible.

There are many different kinds of neckties; from skinny ties to the traditional necktie. And while there are some unique aspects to each style that you need to be on the lookout for to make sure it’s a good tie, there are some basic qualities you want to look out for across the board no matter the kind of tie.

  • Soft and Comfortable

First and foremost, you will want something that is soft and comfortable. More often than not, one would live wearing a not-so-good-looking tie, even though it is not of the highest quality, or it is the most inexpensive tie out on the market. But, one cannot last an hour if it is scratchy and stiff. Imagine every bit of it clinging roughly on your neck every second!

Satin ties are popular not only because they are gorgeous, but because they are usually the most comfortable as well. Get a tie that won’t irritate you even after hours of wearing it. A tie that is soft enough that it does not feel like a noose around your neck but can hold a good shape.

  • Craftmanship

Another thing you want to look for in a tie is craftsmanship. Again, it does not have to be ludicrously expensive or from a signature brand name, but the necktie should be able to stand a bit of wear and tear! Ideally, get something that is lined, so there is a good weight to it, plus good stitching!

  • Sized Just Right

Finally, the tie should have a good size. Yes, the length and width of the tie will depend on your taste as well as the type of necktie you’re looking for. But just how long should a necktie be?

How Long Should a Necktie Be?

With an ever-evolving trend, there is really no hard and fast rule when it comes to any sort of fashion, including choosing necktie styles. In fact, what could be considered a fashionable necktie today might seem odd to people who wore them decades ago. But, there is definitely a thing called necktie tied at “just the right length!”

There are a few ways to go about determining the right length of your tie.

  • The Classic Way

The classic, traditional way of wearing a necktie has the general rule that regardless of the knot, the widest part of your tie should hang just above the edge of your belt, and the tip extending slightly below it or merely touching it.

  • Go for Balance

If sticking to the classic length isn’t for you, then there are other measurements to stick to regarding the length of your tie. Since the actual length of the tie is fixed, what affects the overall length or effect of the necktie is the balance.

Do you want the front blade equally long as the back blade? Or perhaps longer or shorter? Any of these combinations is definitely possible! Just remember that the thicker the tie, the thicker the knot which again will affect its balance and length, thus giving you a different look.

Final Thoughts

Again, these are just soft guidelines on what length your tie should be! You can always tweak them to suit the occasion and your outfit. Additionally, don’t just focus on the tie because if you do not take into consideration the rest of your outfit, then there is a bigger chance that your overall look might be more of a mess instead of sharpness.

We’d like to put our two cents in–if all else fail, then stick with the traditional method. After all, it has survived the test of time for a reason. It wouldn’t hurt to rock the old fashion once in a while.