How to Carry a Long Wallet

How to Carry a Long Wallet

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So, you’ve seen a couple of classy long wallets that might be just the thing to keep your bills pristine and have enough room for your credit cards and IDs. You’re probably stuck on how such a wallet might look on a man and perhaps even on how you might carry it.

Long wallets are interesting alternatives to the traditional bulky solution. but you have to keep one thing in mind; they’re not compatible with just any attire.

This article will shed some light on long wallets. We’ll also offer some suggestions on what to wear and how to carry a long wallet safely.

Benefits of Using Long Wallets for Men

Here are just a few of the advantages of using a long wallet as a man.

  • Less visible than regular folding wallets
  • Better compartmentalization
  • Maintain quality of the exterior fabric
  • Don’t wrinkle bills or checks
  • Up your social standing
  • Plenty of room for credit cards, business cards, and IDs
  • Look more luxurious than regular folding wallets
  • More comfortable to carry
Long Wallets for Men

Inner Jacket Pocket

You don’t always have to be all buttoned-up to make good use of a long wallet. If you often find yourself wearing a jacket on top of your clothes, then you might be able to pull off using a long wallet.

Inside jacket pockets make such wallets easy and safe to carry. The same principle applies to suits, which we’ll discuss in a moment.

First of all, you want your long wallet to be on the inside so that no one can grab it. Secondly, it looks much better for a man to pull out his wallet from the inside than from outside pockets.

Last but not least, most exterior pockets aren’t nearly deep enough to carry a long wallet without exposing at least some of it.

Still, it’s worth remembering that not just any jacket will work well with a long wallet. Just because you can carry one doesn’t mean it will look good with your sneakers or your hoodie.


Long wallets are often associated with high social standing. If you want to make yours work, a suit is perhaps the best attire to complement a long wallet.

So you want to know how to carry a long wallet if you’re wearing a suit? Don’t put it in your pants for one. Secondly, don’t put it in your shirt pocket either, assuming you still prefer shirts with front pockets.

The inside pocket of your suit should offer the best hiding spot. Long wallets are usually thinner than regular wallets when loaded so they’re inconspicuous. And even if your inside pocket is not deep enough, the top part of the wallet should still be invisible to the naked eye.

In addition, having your wallet in the inside suit pocket looks classy when it’s time to take it out and pay the bill. Not only that, but because of the way a suit falls on your body, keeping the wallet close to the chest does little to pull the suit down on one side.

How to Never Carry a Long Wallet

There’s a big advantage to being able to store your bills unfolded and having enough storage capacity for all your credit cards, business cards, etc. But this sought-after feature of long wallets is also what makes them difficult to accessorize with.

Long wallets are usually as big if not bigger than a pant pocket. This is why casual clothes such as jeans, shorts, and cargo pants are not suitable for long wallets.

The pocket placement

The pocket placement is essential too. While most traditional folding wallets may be carried in the back pocket of your pants, long wallets will likely fall out. Or, they’ll at least be a visible and attractive target for pickpockets.

This should be a no-brainer, but it is worth mentioning nonetheless. Don’t carry your manly long wallet in your hand like a mini-handbag. If you don’t have the clothes to comfortably carry one, you may not want pick a long wallet over a regular wallet.


Unlike regular wallets, long wallets are almost always carried in inside pockets. They’re thin so they shouldn’t have a negative impact on your outfit. They also help keep your prized possessions even closer to your body.

In terms of style, long wallets demand certain attire. They won’t look at all classy if you pull one out of your sports jacket. They will make you seem more interesting if you pull one out of your suit at the end of dinner.